Imagine a life
free from
aches & pains

It’s possible with BackHug at home

Release my aches and pains

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Technology for your bad back

Soothes aches and pains with 28 robotic fingers

Adapts to your individual back shape

Creates 10,000+ personalised treatment possibilities!

Try BackHug at home for two weeks – only £6O*

*BackHug devices will be released from spring.

“I can use to ease the tension and pain I experience in my neck and shoulders”

Maggie Anne, Glasgow

“I feel relieved and as if I’ve come out of some meditation”

Santos, Goa

“The best machine that I’ve ever been on”

Kelsey, California
Young stylish asian woman smiling while she enjoys a BackHug therapeutic massage

Money back when you use more

Use at least 20 days every month for three months to give your back
the TLC (Tender Loving Care) it needs.

Then, we will refund you the cost of the first three months*

*available with 1-year subscription

Release my aches and pains

Working with the MS community since 2012

Our founder Chongsu got the idea for BackHug when he was working with people living with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) as a physiotherapist in Edinburgh. To pay back the support we received from the MS community throughout our journey, we will donate £50 to MS UK charity for every BackHug subscription signed in 2021.

A bit like having a personal physio at home

£99 a month for …

  • Effortless walking and standing

  • Lifting your child with ease, whenever they need it

  • Getting a good night’s sleep (no more ‘finding the right position’)

  • Improving your flexibility (bending never felt so easy)

  • Discomfort-free sitting

  • Accelerated recovery from injuries

  • Relaxing tense muscles and de-stressing

Increase black flexibility with BackHug

Release my aches and pains

– Two weeks of backhug at home –

The new BackHug is due for release in Spring of 2021. Product availability will initially be limited to those with chronic back issues.

Help us manage demand by adding a short message about your back problem and how you hope BackHug can help. Please rest assured we are working day and night so everyone gets their BackHug as soon as possible ❤️

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